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When developing custom tabs for brands, we were often asked to create language and country-specific versions of a Facebook Page. It was a given that this should be a standard feature of STAR Social.
You can have single Facebook Page and still target all your fans around the globe in their own language. Target fans in France with a locally relevant content and those in United States with latest promotion available in the US. with country and language specific content.  Read More...


Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet

We created this Timeline Cheat Sheet for our own purposes, but it is so useful, we thought we should share. All the sizes of images featured on your Facebook Page - Timeline edition.


Why and how consumers Like and Subscribe

Today we came across this great infographic from Constant Contact that we thought was worth sharing...



Exclusive Fan-Only Content

It is great that your fans like your brand, but are you sure they know you like them back? Only those brands that show exceptional customer appreciation and service get valuable mentions and positive customer feedback.

The act of becoming a fan is simple on Facebook. One or few clicks are all what is necessary at most to reach and press the Like button. Most people on Facebook Like so many brand pages, they often forget and end up thinking their news feeds are just full of spam.

From the moment that people become your fans, it is somewhat like a relationship. Your fans should never think, that once they've become a fan that you take them for granted. You have to show them some love and appreciation in return.

One of the most convenient ways to do this is to house fan- exclusive content on your page, such as fan/only competitions or access to information about new product releases, special discounts or behind the scenes access.

Marketers tend to get carried away sometimes, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Why would you (yes, you!) allow brands to take up your time you spend on social networks interacting with your friends and family, when you get nothing in return. The truth is that in social media, you can turn brands off pretty quickly - you either unlike, unfollow or never add them in the fist place, so brands need to make sure they have something interesting to offer to their fans on a continuous basis. STAR Social has some great tools that can help you show your fans some love and help you grow your page too.

Your bonus content can include:

  • fan and non/fan version of your page
  • exclusive fan contest
  • discount coupons
  • virtual gifts
  • freebies
  • bonus tracks
  • behind the scenes videos
  • movie trailers
  • alternative endings
  • bonus levels
  • wallpapers
  • ringtones
  • meet & greet opportunities
  • badges
  • almost anything you can think of ;-)

It's up to clever Page Admins to figure out what the best rewards for your fans are.



The social marketing suite for brands on Facebook – STAR Social

Today, everyone is on Facebook... both global brands and local businesses have found out that not being on Facebook is almost like not existing. Small businesses, like cafés and restaurants, who don't have their own websites have their own Facebook Pages. Why? They have learned how powerful social networks are and how much easier is it for them to engage their customers via the platform that 845 million monthly active users prefer for connecting with their friends, family and the world around them.

Facebook Pages pages are a great tool to make your brand visible online but Pages themselves provide only basic branding and viral functions and little information about users and their activity. It is also virtually impossible for online marketers to run professional social campaigns on Facebook by using only the tools that Facebook provides.

STAR Social is a social marketing suite,  which allows you to create and manage custom Facebook tabs, schedule posting to  your pages (and Twitter accounts!) and run successful social campaigns. Using tab templates or a combination of our 40+plug-ins you can enhance the performance of your Facebook Page and share branded content. STAR Social basic is free for all and there are no design or coding skills required.

We have identified 4 main aspects of brand management that companies should focus in social media and designed STAR Social around it: SHARE | TRACK | ANALYZE | REWARD

With STAR Social you can:
.Engage users by sharing their branded content on Facebook, Twitter and blogs
.Offer special promotions and access to exclusive content
.Allow key influencers to advocate your brand
.Facilitate friend-to-friend sharing
.Track the brand growth effect based on users' viral actions
.Track on-page brand engagement
.Analyze global brand performance on social networks
.Compare campaigns and identify best practices
.Reward users for their interactions and brand advocacy



It’s a blog!

Hi guys,
welcome to the STAR Social Blog. We're just setting up shop today.

This is the place for all interesting news, tips and updates for the STAR Social app, which is a social marketing suite for individuals and professionals promoting their businesses via Facebook and Twitter.
It enables you to create custom Facebook tabs and publish engaging content to your Fan Page and Twitter, from anywhere, anytime.

Stay tuned for more tips and news.

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