Think global, talk local


When developing custom tabs for brands, we were often asked to create language and country-specific versions of a Facebook Page. It was a given that this should be a standard feature of STAR Social.
You can have single Facebook Page and still target all your fans around the globe in their own language. Target fans in France with a locally relevant content and those in United States with latest promotion available in the US. with country and language specific content. 

This feature is not only for global brands... Even when you are a local brand, you can start engaging everyone in your region, including foreigners and minorities living in your city in their own language.

To get started with localized Facebook Pages, go to Manage Page, select your Page from the drop-down menu and add new country and language. You can start with your primary language version of the Page, then copy the source code under different country or language and replace all country/language specific content with the new one. You can or don't have to keep the same graphic style of the page, it's up to you.

If you need more help with creating localized Facebook Pages, write on our Facebook Wall or tweet us.