New functionality for STAR Social

How was your summer? We definately had a busy one, and we just got started. Currently in development are our Social Analytics, which you can already have a look at in the app.

Social Analytics is the natural extension of what STAR Social already offers to social media managers. Here is a quick overview of the improvements we are introducing this this fall and what they will let you do:

- Tracking conversions from different sources to help social media managers and marketing managers understand which channels are the most effective and help you increase your ROI.

- Identifying brand advocates and super fans and rewarding their action to improve the relationship.

- See an overview of your sources, labels, links, actions and users.

- Understand user behaviour prefences, see the stories behind consumer purchases and other actions.

Later in the fall we are going to release another update to STAR Social. The social marketing platform will feature a Rewards section that will enable social media managers to follow the emerging trend of rewarding users for their actions - bringing a little bit extra to the table. A user action in a Facebook tab will be link with a specific reward. To use a simple  example, you might with to send a 20% discount to all fans, who subscribe to your newsletter.

Rewards should be up and running in the late fall. We are also taking advanced orders for custom design. If you are interested what STAR Social Analytics and Rewards can do for your Facebook Page, please contact us via CUSTOMstar@kremsa.com or our Facebook or Twitter. STAR Social is free for small pages and individuals, however we suggest custom solutions for managing more than 5 pages.