How-to: Add HTML in Page Manager

Prior to editing any html, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Add a tab
  2. Choose a blank template from the Blank Templates & Widgets category
  3. You can publish it or publish it later on -> click on the Layout Editor -> if you haven't published it, it will ask you again to leave the page -> click "Leave" -> and because you didn't publish it, in the Layout Editor it will prompt you to choose a template again -> you again choose the blank one.
  4. In wysiwyg, switch to "Source" and input the html code. You can use WYSIWYG as well.
  5. In the example 2 & 3 in the txt file you need to know the URL of the image using for the background. You can click the icon "add image" in the Layout Editor in WYSIWYG -> Browse Server -> CKfinder will open up -> you upload the image and you will see its URL.