LivePush 2014.04.09

364    duplicate parameter in shortlink if gating=1/2


LivePush 2014.04.02

305   Tracked action click after what I share vip.me link on Twitter

279   SA: Campaigns - Redeemed calculation is wrong

341   follow up on - 307 Tag and filter inactive campaigns

346   Email WYSI editor issues

358   Shortcode option - gating update problem

361   UI: change the order in the menu


LivePush 2014.03.26

296   SA: Links - Clicks - incorrect calculation

91    API + UI "Delete" button to delete CMS user/vipfan user detail

335   Rewards are not working on BETA

336   FB ads API - April 9 changes


LivePush 2014.03.12

232    check for required action value=0 does not work

320    Action details Export give Fatal error


LivePush 2014.03.05

165    SA: Action details - no pager but list all campaigns

308    please add a notice if Program Log does not load

315    Shortcode endpoints bugfixes

337    SMP auth fix - 392 in vip.me


LivePush 2014.02.26

263    Dashboard issues

294    SA: Dashboard - cost is missing

299    View Posts = Unpublished Posts

303    Export actions count, value by shortlink label to csv

310    track FB ads costs as negative values

17      Importing large CSV files, support "sep=,"

60      [Facebook Ads API] - [2b] - Getting the data from FB to StarSMP - tracking data

         (actiontrack log)

100   Create an API call to return referrer info

174   Custom shortcode domain fallback to vip.me should respect id_loyalty

244    moving form in Page Manager Social -> Plugin Properties ->image tab (design bug)

247    Rename 'TOP Winner' reward type to 'Timed Reward'

262    Post manager View Post bugs

274    merge accounts that have same email

276    Create shortlink - clear fields, See Link Details

289    Social Analytics  - Search doesn't work

290    Social Analytics  - Links table

292    Post Manager - ckeditor bug: Unable to get property 'toLowerCase'...

295    Fix RSS on Beta

297    Program log - Table is not wrapped

304    "View" event looses referrer in log


LivePush 2014.01.29

196    user list fan since and email in export

211    Program log - "Last 100 shortcodes' changes

220    Create shortcode - handle "http://"

266    Leaderboard - new API call

267    Edit Link issue - 414 (Request-URI Too Long)

270    Email - support custom recipient [[last_action.instance]]

278    SA: dashboard rounding issue

281    Edit shortcode - handle "http://"


Live Push 2014.01.15

208    Rewards - Max Per Instance sets incorrect limit

233    Update shortcodes - improvements

241    Add filter and export options to Post Manager - View Posts

59    [Facebook Ads API] - [2a] - Getting the data from FB to StarSMP - cron - getting data from FB

129    destination.create (and link.simple) loads metadata synchronously

131    Reward emails should be generated on a queue

164    make client ui unique and not editable

203    View post changes

242    Post Manager - Comments seems to be limited to 25

243    Return insightResponse.data is undefined in Post Manger

256    vipfans should get rewards for their actions prior to optin

258    display emails in a queue and failed emails in the report


Live Push – 2013.12.18

199    Rename Engament to Campaigns in the Dashboard

108    [Winners]: Client UI calls reward.selectwinner without a valid interval

115    Instance requirement -> domain=ticketleap.com&key=*

157    UI fix: LP selector not changing LP when editing reward

220    Create shortcode - handle "http://"

225    grammar error fix

238    Gating stopped to work

256    vipfans should get rewards for their actions prior to optin


How-to: Add HTML in Page Manager

Prior to editing any html, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Add a tab
  2. Choose a blank template from the Blank Templates & Widgets category
  3. You can publish it or publish it later on -> click on the Layout Editor -> if you haven't published it, it will ask you again to leave the page -> click "Leave" -> and because you didn't publish it, in the Layout Editor it will prompt you to choose a template again -> you again choose the blank one. Read More...